To Make A Difference ; You don’t Have To Have It All.

For many years in my life ; having followed works of world reknown philanthropists. E.g The Late Ali Banat through M.A.T.W Foundation and Bill Gates through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and also the Late Sheikh Abdulrahman Al Sumait ; who facilitated building a lot of schools and hospitals across Africa. I had come to a conclusion that ; to help save the world’s deepest inequities e.g Poverty ; illiteracy and diseases ; you must be Filthy Rich. Why ? Because most of the People who run foundations are either Rich politicians; athletes, musicians ; Big organisations e.t.c. When the idea of starting a foundation came up into my mind ; i thought of the lack of riches ; but with time ; i took heart and promised myself to make a difference and touch lives Positively. Ramo and Carrie Foundation was born to solve some of the World’s deepest inequities.
To make a difference ; you don’t have to have it all. You ought to have a heart ; empathise with those suffering and possess a goodwill. I realised this during the hospital visit to Msambweni Referral Hospital in kwale County on 22nd April 2019. Members of Kwale Pen People went to visit the patients in a hand stretched to show a kind gesture. Share with them words of encouragement ; offer them some gifts and pray for their quick recovery. The goodwill is key to achieve any task. We had raised only ksh. 2000 …and i had thought it not enough to cater for the course. On arrival in the Ward where we had children patients ; we had a great session ; chanting and talking to parents or guardians of the young patients about their conditions. We offered them the little we had ; that is ; what we had purchased out of the mere 2,000… we offered either a packet of milk ; or an orange and a banana for a patient’s bed until we cleared the whole Children Ward. Amidst the sharing ; parents were very thankful for our kind gesture and asked us to make more visits to the hospital. This got me thinking of the Swahili saying ; ‘kutoa ni moyo ; usambe ni utajiri.’ Giving in charity is from the heart ; don’t say it is about riches . We had touched lives positively with a mere ksh. 2;000 .We also prayed and gave the patients hope. I acknowledged the health that Allah had bestowed upon me ; it is truly a great blessing. My heart was at peace and i really empathised with the parents and their patients. For every little thing that you take for granted ; somebody wishes for even a quarter of it and unfortunately they cannot have it . Count your blessings ; purpose to give in Charity ; God will bless you abundantly.

– Ramo and Carrie Foundation C.E.O.
(Omar Abdhallah).

Nothing Stops you From Achieving Your Dreams.

It is evident; if you choose to dig deep and view life with the sixth sense. You choose to actually define it and deduce the findings. While most of us struggle with who they want to be in life at the age of 20’s or when we are still living under the shade of our parents ; Mbappe at 19 was Starring for France to Win the Prestigious World Cup 2018 ; having a lucrative career deal with millions lying in his bank account . Life is beautiful and somehow amazing that it has given us chances ;and ours is to grab the opportunities. We’ve had footballers play to old age with no accolades on their name. There is a lesson in every situation we come across. There is a sense of Divine Intervention which Controls our life ; but mind you ; it has to find us working. Really it does ; so like the Wright Brothers when they were trying to invent the first aeroplane ; they heard to give it a try ; and you know ; they say ; to dare is to do. You always have to give a try ; and the result will be out ; come what may. If you don’t try you are never going to know how it would have ended. They were a success and today people from all over the world pay tribute to them. There’s nothing too extraordinary about normal humanbeings. The intuition and Self Belief carries the day. What of the two sons of Africa ; being the only Nobel Peace Prize Winners who ever lived in Soweto Neighbourhood in South Africa.The iconic figure against Racial segregation; Nelson Mandela and his Counterpart ; Desmond Tutu. Mandela served 27 years in Robben Island only to come and be South Africa’s first Black President in 1994 all race elections .It was truly a long shot. And now recently Matthijs de Ligt a dutch professional footballer born 12th August 1999; also a central defender for Netherlands and He has Captained the Amsterdam- based AFC Ajax for over a year at 19 years of age ; having seen his team beat likes of Real Madrid and Just recently Kicking Juventus out of the Champions League. Barcelona are closing in on an agreement to sign him this Summer. He is also the first and only defender to Win the Golden Boy Award in 2018.You ought to possess the right mindset ; success might come at any stage of your life; if you are inclined to it. Age doesn’t bar you from achieving your dreams ; it is just but a number . Take advantage of each day to propel positively towards Success. And if for some reason ; you fail countless times ; and the light at the end of the tunnel is an illusion ; do not loose hope ; do not give up ; because no man ever succeeded ; but it was as a result of constant doing ;and discipline. Keep going .

Tulipokuwa mie na Weye.

Sijui nimekosa nini ; machoni sitaki kukuona tena. Tamu imekua chungu , kama titi; lilopakwa pilipili kumtibua mtoto mtundu. Nikikumbuka mahaba yetu ya Mumbai ; chozi lanimwagika ; natamani zamani irudi ; nicheze nawe kuck kuch ho tha hai . Moyo ukichoka ; fundi wakuubadili hamna ; wee kwa mabusu nakusifia ulikuwa hatari . Tena kwa mambo ya chumbani mtoto ulikuwa hodari ; kiuno kama feni mbovu . Mimi sitaki kuambiwa ; simulizi za Abunuwasi. Nimejionea kwako mapenzi halisi yaliyojawa na ukwasi. Chuki sieki moyoni ; japo nakutamani ; najua kukurudia haiwezekani. Nikisema nakupenda ; moyo nitakua nimeusaliti. Hivi nimekuwa jiwe ; hata hisia hazisikiki. Uliniachia donda sugu ; moyo ukauatua. Kuvunja ahadi haikua baidi ukaniacha nanyong’onyea. Matukio hayeshi kila uchao , ila haya yako mfano yatapigiwa. Mbingu niliiona manjano ; penzi letu lilipoingia ufarakano . Nikusahau tu kwa mara moja ; moyo wasema ngojangoja ; jini mahaba kanipanda kichwani eti nisikusahau asilani. Hebu nenda mwanakwenda ; tuyaache ya zamani. Haya yote mapito ; sijui mbona umeniweka taabani. Tulia moyo ; utakuja kupenda usahau ; siri ya moyo ni kuuengaenga ; mara umependa. Ule utoto wangu na utu uzima wako; mi naona viliendana ; kwa matunzo yako mtoto ; mwili siku zote ulinawiriana. Twende ufuoni tukaogelee ; dhera lako usilitoe .Nicheke; nifurahike ; nikukumbatie unideke. Ninapo amka uniteke kwa wako uzuri niweweseke ; wapo wengi ; ila ulinizingua hata nyumbani nikupeleke. Nikikumbukia sauti yako ; na harufu ya manukato yako ninapoivutia ; natamani urudi maana ulivyoniacha sikutarajia. Penzi laliza ; laumiza ; yakhe tambua. Washasema wavyele ; kare taiuya: Kale hairudi . Nimeshakutizama ; nakupenda ila nahofu; nilitokea kuchukia pia ; mtu hali matapishi yake ; nyuma kujirudia.

#Simulizi ya mapenzi.

Let Bygones Be.

I question myself ;as in ; what if ? I lost those i cherished and loved dearly ; and for one bit ; i realise in some cases it’s forever ; because some are happily married. Many theories explain about being in love and winning the most out of it . Say ; Those who are in love ; don’t marry. Or You had better choose a person who loves you ; than those you love ; because you can never be happy or satisfied with them ; the chasing is always hectic .You can’t force somebody to love you ;it’s just a kind of Spark ; when it ignites in both hearts ; the wild fire cannot be extinguished. The youthful love ; they call it. But this is when all goes well. So would you choose somebody who loves you and not the one you love ? The latter is what explains the yearning ; this chasing is always so amazing ; amidst the troubles it brings ; there is also satisfaction. Rejection ; breeds more confidence and enthusiasm in chasing for that unreached for love. But it is healthy to let go ; when things seem out of hand ; and are beyond repair. You don’t have to beg ; some things are best left as they are. So when time is ripe ; and you can’t reach for the stars ; you’d have to land on the moon. Don’t settle for less ; be happy and contented ; because like i quoted myself ; contentment is the peak of Satisfaction.

To Dare is to Do.

You have not done it ; unless you have tried it.
They dared the undarable.
They touched the untouchables. They did not fear they were considered underdogs. Odds were against them ; it never dettered them.
Their self intuition and uncompromised Self esteem ; pushed them ; and their cup was filled with hardwork and inspiration to the brim.
Nail and tooth ; they were ready to make it happen. Blood ; sweat and tears was the Recipe. It was not about whom they were going to face ; it was about how they’d change the Phase.
It reminds me of the Elephant riding in Thai ; which has never been achieved in Africa. Their dreams and firm determination was like the elephant ; a big idea. Others could not see it ; they thought it impossible and cautioned them of their overboard ambitions. I warned them ; of enjoying illusions and observing water from a far on a mirage while hitting the road on a hot day. They believed they could ; and as they neared the end , i believed they would . Those they sought to battle had suddenly turned inferior and were slowly loosing the battle. I now acknowledge ; they deserved Victory . They fough for it ; in a spirit no one could put out.

#Viva liverpool .

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